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On the 2nd of February 2014 we embarked on our long desired adventure: Cycling east from Rotterdam with Nepal as destination. As we travel and meet people our horizon will broaden, follow us and see the world with our eyes. Through this website you can explore the places we see, read about the people we meet on the road, learn about the topics we find interesting & inspiring and read more about our thoughts, feelings and what makes us wonder... We travel unsupported and rely on our own funding. Here on twisting spokes we will share our story.

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  • North-east Iran: a jungle and desert route

North-east Iran: a jungle and desert route

In Iran we are really heading east. The route out of Tehran goes straight in the direction we are heading. We decided to take the longer North-east Iran route to Mashhad so we could avoid cycling only in the desert and heading to the apparently more humid and green Caspian Sea area.
See latest photos: Tehran to Golestan and Golestan […]

  • Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan; a journey south without Mojo and Isaba

Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan; a journey south without Mojo and Isaba

The days sorting out our visa in Tehran were stressful and hot. Somehow it all worked out very well for us and in two days of searching for embassies we had the visa we needed. If you wonder how and what, please read our post “Iranian and Central Asian visa Information”.
Latest photos :  Tehran, Desert day, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and […]

  • Iranian and Central Asian visa Information

Iranian and Central Asian visa Information

Below you will find information regarding the processes of applying for the Iranian and Central Asian visa on the road in Ankara and Tehran. We found the process of applying for visa fairly simple and we didn’t encounter any problems during the applications. The only thing is to be well prepared regarding documents and they will always […]

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Camping spot

Golestan to Mashhad

From Golestan we left the lush forrest and were back in the desert. We camped in abandoned houses and orchards until we reached Mashhad after a few days with tailwind.
The moon

Tehran to Golestan

Crossing the Alborz mountains we reached the green, hot and humid Caspian coast. We cycled flat for many kilometers till we reached Golestan National Park.
At the sand dunes

Desert day

Toudeshk Cho is a small village in the desert where we spent a night in a homestay and took a car into the desert to go up some sand dunes.