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On the 2nd of February 2014 we embarked on our long desired adventure: Cycling east from Rotterdam with Nepal as destination. As we travel and meet people our horizon will broaden, follow us and see the world with our eyes. Through this website you can explore the places we see, read about the people we meet on the road, learn about the topics we find interesting & inspiring and read more about our thoughts, feelings and what makes us wonder... We travel unsupported and rely on our own funding. Here on twisting spokes we will share our story.

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  • Following the south route to Ulaanbaatar, it changed me!

Following the south route to Ulaanbaatar, it changed me!

In Altai I had time to think and decided on a change of plans. I now was planning to follow the south route to Ulaanbaatar. The original plan was to cycle north from Altai to Uliastai. Due to being in the winter of Mongolia I decided on the easier and shorter southern route Altai, Bayankhongor, Arvaikheer, […]

  • Urumqi to Ulaanbaatar – doing it different part 2

Urumqi to Ulaanbaatar – doing it different part 2

So, I arrived at Hohhot East train station at around 16:30. I was still operating on western China time and hadn’t realized that the sun would already be so far down. I thought I had enough hours of daylight left, but instead I had to rush. I asked a porter to help me with my two […]

  • Bulgan to Altai with camels and gers

Bulgan to Altai with camels and gers

I was nervous as I was preparing the first leg Bulgan to Altai into western Mongolia, a leg of 600km with very little supplies and people, mind I say the Gobi desert.
The photos Bulgan to Altai
The morning came and I was as ready as I could be with a small cold coming along. I cycled out of Bulgan, […]

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Tsagaan Sar 2015

Tsagaan Sar is the Mongolian celebration of the Lunar New Year. We joined Tseegii and her family to visit their relatives, join in the Mongolian traditions of greeting each other and exchanging snuff bottles amongst others and eating a lot of Buuz, a Mongolian dumplings.
Sunrise at -28c or is it summer?

The south route to Ulaanbaatar

From Altai to Ulaanbaatar, the southern desert route. Gold Diggers and herders live in the harsh environment.
Getting on to the train to Ulaanbaatar

Hohhot to Ulaanbaatar by bus and train

Susanne took the bus from Hohhot, spent some time in Erlian and finally made it past the border to Mongolia to arrive in Ulaanbaatar!