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On the 2nd of February 2014 we embarked on our long desired adventure: Cycling east from Rotterdam with Nepal as destination. As we travel and meet people our horizon will broaden, follow us and see the world with our eyes. Through this website you can explore the places we see, read about the people we meet on the road, learn about the topics we find interesting & inspiring and read more about our thoughts, feelings and what makes us wonder... We travel unsupported and rely on our own funding. Here on twisting spokes we will share our story.

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  • Leaving Samarqand, cycling south with mixed emotions

Leaving Samarqand, cycling south with mixed emotions

  • 18th September, 2014

It is hard leaving a place where you feel comfortable en where you are understood by others. So leaving Samarqand was difficult and this was not made easier by a stomach bug that was traveling around. We were cycling south with mixed emotions because it was hard to say goodbye but we were also looking very […]

  • The road to Samarqand

The road to Samarqand

Traveling through Uzbekistan you can definitely feel the centuries old heritage of the trade along the silk road. The cities Bukhara and Samarqand are majestic and like from a storybook. The countryside is very different though and the people are a new dimension all together, please enjoy our story of the road to Samarqand.
You can find […]

  • Cycling from sunrise to sunset, 5 days Turkmenistan

Cycling from sunrise to sunset, 5 days Turkmenistan

Is it possible to cross Turkmenistan in 5 days? Yes and we as many others had no choice. So this is how our cycling from sunrise to sunset, 5 days Turkmenistan went. In short cycling in strong head wind and extreme heat, eating and sleeping only to repeat this for 5 days from Sarakhs to Farap […]

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Brice and Marion making a cake

UZ to TJ a road of mixed people

It took us 5 days of good cycling in the south of Uzbekistan (the best here yet) and then we crossed the border easily to find a great host in Dushanbe and prepare for the Pamir.
The Registan

Nurata to Samarqand

Continuing to Samarqand we went down the mountain and past small villages among cotton fields with local markets to reach the majestic city with many blue domes where we met many likeminded travellers.
Chor Minor in Bukhara

Bukhara to Nurata

Traveling along the Silk Road brought us to many beautiful buildings and let us meet nice people along the way. Here we travel from Bukhara to Nurata.