Crossing the border from Görlitz to Zgorzelec was a big step. Our first task was to find a place to change money because we had no Zloty in our possession yet. Zgorzelec was a good introduction to Poland where we could ride good kilometres but missed a real connection with the country. Our time there consisted mainly of forest and cycling 🙂

All photos are here: The return: Poland

Our route was cutting through Poland from Zgorzelec to Kolobrzeg. The largest towns we crossed were Zary and Gorzów Wielkopolski. Slowly we found out that in this area of Poland there are many forests and many forest roads that are used for logging pine trees. We had our purpose strongly in mind. We were looking forward to reaching Scandinavia. This meant we crossed through the shortest route and hereby found many roads that were used in these forests by large trucks. Which means tracks, sand and mud…

All these forests did provide beautiful areas for wild camping. It was really easy to find areas where nobody would see us. Some areas really exuded a nice feeling of being outdoors together with the wildlife, the hares, the deer, etc.. Finding a beautiful spot when the sun is setting is just the best feeling there is. One afternoon we had been searching for a spot for quite a while. Our app on the phone pointed out that behind a small part of forest there should be an open patch. We cycled through and it felt like paradise! It was a great place to set-up the tent. A bonus also in most forests were the blueberries that we found along the way covering the ground of the forest.

An important milestone for us was that we have crossed Europe for the second time!! We cycled from Istanbul to Kolobrzeg, from the Mediterranean sea to the Baltic Sea!

We reached Kolobrzeg with the plan to take a ferry from here to Nexø on Bornholm. Bornholm is a Danish island in between Poland and Sweden. What we didn’t know is that the ferry only runs 6 out of 7 days and unlucky enough we arrived just the day before the ferry didn’t run. We thought about alternatives. Kolobrzeg is a town in which many local tourists have their holidays and we were here beginning of August. We decided to stay for two nights at a local campsite. Eventually we did make it onto the ferry.