TwistingSpokes in Albania

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Albania was our first encounter with a more Eastern culture and it was interesting to be in a country where roads and transport were less developed. Because of the size of the country we decided to make a loop south before heading towards the border. While bicycle touring Albania we entered the country from the ferry by sea at Durrës on the 14th of April 2014 and left the country on the 20th of April 2014. We have cycled 427 km and ascended 4647 meters.

Each corner holds a new surprise…

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Mountain roads provide us with the best views, mountain roads are also often quieter than other roads. The downside is that mountain roads are tough. And the Albanian mountain roads have been very tough. It has given us an amazing experience this week with nice reflective opportunities cycling through the mountains. See our photos in the album Albania and Entering [...]

Cycle touring Albania, what an introduction!

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We were slightly nervous traveling by ferry from Bari in Italy to Durres in Albania. We had been in Italy for such a long time that it was interesting but also challenging to go to the next country. Also the difference between Italy and Albania is really big. With Cycle touring Albania we definitely had the feeling [...]

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