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In each box we describe the content/idea of the page. Also we add the needed links to the different pages so have a look and be surprised. If you want to know who we are, read our About.

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Home is where you start.

Here we keep the latest updates, you will find the:

  • Latest Blogposts
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  • Latest Galleries

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Blog is the collection of our posts.

The blog is shown in a chronological order, the post will be written by either

Susanne or Martin or as a collaboration (together). If the blog post is a trip report we

will add the GPS track/route on a map to review and this track can be downloaded if you want to follow our route. To the right side you will find the different categories of written blog posts, follow us on the journey.

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Go to the photo album

Here you can see our interesting photo's.

Our photo's will be sorted by country and we will try to update every week. You can navigate between the galleries using the next/prev links.

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Watch our self made video's.

We will use the video's to report about different subjects along the way. We will also just try and keep you up to date with how we are doing and what we are experiencing.

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The Journey

Follow our route and statistics

With our GPS we will track our route and we also have a rough planned route.

So if you are interested have a look.


In the journey menu you will also find:

  • Travel Tips - Here we will have a collection of tips we have learned.
  • Packing List - Our packing list with details of weight and brand.
  • Gear Choice - Where we try to describe why we have chosen for this gear.
  • Statistics - Our statistics with a twist.

The Journey