Bicycle touring in Uzbekistan

Leaving Samarqand, cycling south with mixed emotions

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It is hard leaving a place where you feel comfortable en where you are understood by others. So leaving Samarqand was difficult and this was not made easier by a stomach bug that was traveling around. We were cycling south with mixed emotions because it was hard to say goodbye but we were also looking very much [...]

The road to Samarqand

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Traveling through Uzbekistan you can definitely feel the centuries old heritage of the trade along the silk road. The cities Bukhara and Samarqand are majestic and like from a storybook. The countryside is very different though and the people are a new dimension all together, please enjoy our story of the road to Samarqand. You can find [...]

Cycling from sunrise to sunset, 5 days Turkmenistan

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Is it possible to cross Turkmenistan in 5 days? Yes and we as many others had no choice. So this is how our cycling from sunrise to sunset, 5 days Turkmenistan went. In short cycling in strong head wind and extreme heat, eating and sleeping only to repeat this for 5 days from Sarakhs to Farap :) [...]

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