History was on our path yet again. Immediately after crossing the border between the Czech Republic and Germany we became enlightened. Napoleon had crossed this area in 1813. It would be an interesting two days in Germany. A short visit but definitely a new area for us in Germany.

All photos are here: The return: Germany.

Apparently in 1813 during the Franco-Prussian war of the sixth coalition Napoleon crossed the Zittau mountains along the Gabler street. This crossing of the Zittau mountains was already used 600 years ago by carters following an ancient European trade route. History was clearly visible in this area and the houses were very interesting with traditional wooden beams.

Without anticipating it we followed parts of the Oder Neisse cycling route from Zittau to Görlitz. This route was actually very nice along the river and quiet roads. We enjoyed a box of delicious strawberries and had a look at a monastery on route.

We came past a rest stop for cyclists and had a nice conversation in broken German about where we had come from and where we were going. For a place to sleep we jumped into a field. As the sun was setting we got company from three small deer who were rummaging around in the distance and eating from the field. We also were accompanied by a swarm of mosquitoes who luckily were not too hungry. It did make for an extra activity during cooking and eating 🙂

At the market in Görlitz we enjoyed again nice fruit from the market. We also bought a local honey. Görlitz actually surprised us because it was much more decorated and beautiful than expected. It has nice open spaces, buildings and a cathedral.

From here it was only a short crossing over the bridge to Poland. From afar it already gave us a whole different impression. More to follow on the journey through Poland soon!