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MSR Hubba Hubba HP

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The choice for our tent is important, because it is going to be home for the next year and a half. For us it was important the tent would be light, could work for us in multiple conditions, could stand alone, would have enough height and had entrances for both of us. Our previous tent was a tunnel [...]

Katabatic Sawatch

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Our sleeping bags have been a point of long discussions. They are going to keep us warm during the cold days. We were looking for down sleeping bags, although it is quite controversial, and we wanted to save as much weight as possible. This brought us to the idea of a quilt sleeping bag. We came across [...]

Camera and accessories on tour

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We have chosen for quite a full set up for photographing. We believe that being able to document this journey has great importance. Also we can used this to go deeper into certain subjects. Below you find the actual gear and descriptions of our camera and accessories on tour. Main Camera of choice: Sony [...]

Power Harvesting on Tour

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Is this essential gear? To be clear: no, this is nice to have gear! We have chosen to bring certain electronic gear and to be able to use our electronics we have to be able to supply them with power, we have chosen to bring this gear so we can document our journey. Below we outline how [...]

Santos Travelmaster 26″

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After a whole lot of investigating we have finally chosen our bikes for the journey, the Santos travelmaster 26". Both of our bikes are Santos Travelmaster 2.6 aluminum and are custom built for us. Before choosing our bikes we needed to decide on three important points: steel/aluminum, 26/28 inch, Rohloff hub/derailleur. The Santos Travelmasters 2.6 have been awarded [...]

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