Is this essential gear? To be clear: no, this is nice to have gear! We have chosen to bring certain electronic gear and to be able to use our electronics we have to be able to supply them with power, we have chosen to bring this gear so we can document our journey. Below we outline how we expect to be harvest power on tour and charge our gear.

Power Harvesting on tour

Son28 Hub Dynamo:

This is a hub dynamo with which we are able to harvest our own created energy. This does mean that we are losing some forward propulsion. This is said to be minimal as seen in the below table.

USB/ Laptop Chargers: used to source power from the populated world.

Pixo C-USB Charger: used to charge our “main camera batteries” from USB and also it will be able to charge our normal AA or AAA batteries.

Solar cells: is a great source of energy as well, we have not decided yet whether we will bring these or not, any recommendations?

Pixo charger with camera battery

Power Storage

Zzing USB Charger:

This hub dynamo charger, which has a capacity of 2700mAh, has proven to be sufficient for supplying the Garmin GPS. We have used the Zzing on all our previous trips.

Super-i-Cable with v4i set :

This is new and not tested yet though we have read good reviews, see Pedal Power Plus Super-i-Cable Dynamo Battery review from cycling about.