The choice for our tent is important, because it is going to be home for the next year and a half. For us it was important the tent would be light, could work for us in multiple conditions, could stand alone, would have enough height and had entrances for both of us. Our previous tent was a tunnel model and only had one entrance, so we were always climbing over each other.

We chose for the MSR Hubba Hubba HP because it fits our criteria. We also have the Gear Shed, Footprint and Mud Mat to make the set complete.

According to Cascade Designs the MSR Hubba Hubba HP is an ultralight, freestanding 2-person tent which weighs less than the original Hubba Hubba tent, yet offers increased protection for unexpected early-season snowfall or persistent coastal winds. Greater coverage to the tent canopy and lighter fabrics all-around ensure that the Hubba Hubba HP tent holds its own in more serious 3-season conditions, yet still adds less than 1.81kg for you and your partner to share.

To provide use with some extra space we decided on the extra MSR Hubba Gear Shed. This shed can be put over one of the entrances which provides us with extra space and shelter. This way we have more space for our bags and things on days when we will stay somewhere longer than one night, or when the weather is bad.