Returning through Europe: Bulgaria

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Bulgaria was a new country on the journey, we were curious to discover this for us less known territory. Photos can be found here: The return: Bulgaria We were excited as this was the door to the European union. Would they let us back in?? Well they did and there were no checks whatsoever besides the passport of [...]

Returning through Europe: Turkey

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Lately we have been a bit quiet. The main reason for this is that we have been cycling strongly across Europe. Updates are coming and this is our first recollection of returning to the Asian side of Istanbul and cycling towards Europe. Finally… a decision was made to fly from Nepal to Turkey and continue cycling from [...]

MSR Hubba Hubba HP

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The choice for our tent is important, because it is going to be home for the next year and a half. For us it was important the tent would be light, could work for us in multiple conditions, could stand alone, would have enough height and had entrances for both of us. Our previous tent was a tunnel [...]

This is how and why we will write gear reviews!

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This is how and why we will write gear reviews! "This is how… by TwistingSpokes.com". Reviewing our gear has never really been on our mind. Lately though after 21 months and more than 26000km on the road our gear is starting to prove its worth. So it has become clear what gear has worked really well and [...]

This is how we camp

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'This is how we camp' is a part of the series “This is how… by TwistingSpokes.com”. Camping while on a journey like ours has become a way of life, a ritual. When we camp we relax and make ourselves as comfortable as possible. Usually when we say camp we are wild camping or, called by some, stealth [...]

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