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Review: Ortlieb panniers (Rear and Front)

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We have cycled from Rotterdam to Kathmandu and crossed Europe again from Istanbul on the return covering 38.000km with our Ortlieb BIKE-PACKER PLUS  and SPORT-PACKER PLUS. Are Ortlieb panniers the best you can get? Was this the right choice of panniers? Read our review and make your own wise opinion. We have cycled through all sorts of [...]

Returning through Europe: Turkey

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Lately we have been a bit quiet. The main reason for this is that we have been cycling strongly across Europe. Updates are coming and this is our first recollection of returning to the Asian side of Istanbul and cycling towards Europe. Finally… a decision was made to fly from Nepal to Turkey and continue cycling from [...]

Review Santos Travelmaster 2.6

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Santos Travelmaster 2.6 was the bicycle of choice for us and it is a really versatile touring bicycle. We know now after cycling more than 32000km on the Santos travelmaster! So we would like to share our thoughts in this Review Santos Travelmaster. Back in 2013 we had little to no knowledge what this journey would [...]

Santos Travelmaster 26″

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After a whole lot of investigating we have finally chosen our bikes for the journey, the Santos travelmaster 26". Both of our bikes are Santos Travelmaster 2.6 aluminum and are custom built for us. Before choosing our bikes we needed to decide on three important points: steel/aluminum, 26/28 inch, Rohloff hub/derailleur. The Santos Travelmasters 2.6 have been awarded [...]

Who are Mojo and Isaba?

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Mojo and Isaba are our lovely bikes which we are really happy with. They will guide us through a whole lot of good adventures and we will do the same to them. Mojo is light green and ridden by Martin, the name Mojo came while biking in the Pyrenees. The word originally means a charm or a spell. [...]

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