Mojo and Isaba are our lovely bikes which we are really happy with. They will guide us through a whole lot of good adventures and we will do the same to them.

Mojo is light green and ridden by Martin, the name Mojo came while biking in the Pyrenees. The word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent. This bike has all so therefore Mojo became the name. Mojo was made by the company Santos bikes and is a Travelmaster.

Isaba is also a Santos Travelmaster. Susanne was looking for the right name for her. She is blue, quirky and has a stable mindset. Isaba is a real partner and Susanne and her are on the road together. She receives compliments and encouragements and returns the favor when we are biking fast and steady. The name came around when we went through the village of Isaba in the Pyrenees and met two world cyclers on their way back from India, follow them on Asia by bike | Un viaje en bicicleta. Isaba is a pretty name, a little remote, feminine and positive. So a real companion!