The Easter weekend of 2013 in the Netherlands had some cold weather in store for us. The temperature was below freezing and our gear was not really up to scratch at that point to deal with those temperatures. We made our way from Maastricht past Liege to Durbuy and then took the direction of Amay to ride back to Liege along the water and finally made it back to Maastricht.

During this weekend it was the first time for Susanne to ascend hills and the hills in the Ardennes provide quite a challenge. The thing that is most difficult is the fact that there is almost no possibility of finding a rhythm because it keeps going up and down. The descents were very cold to the hands and at night our sleeping bags were not up to the task to keep us completely warm. At the same time we were experimenting with stealth camping and getting used to primitive living together. It was a nice weekend to experience biking at low temperatures.

With this experience, we learned the importance of the right gear and taking the time to dress right. As said we had a great micro adventure and became more aware of each others needs in the cold. So when martin lit the campfire one of the nights, it was an enjoyable heat and then next to a streaming river made the experience complete.