Biking and Bicycle touring as a means of travel is somewhat new to me (Susanne). When Martin moved to the Netherlands in 2009 I mentioned that he should buy a cheap bike so he could move around town easily. He decided to invest in a Cube Delhi, a modern touring bike and I was stunned. After a few months he was doing bike rides of 60 and 80 kilometers and I really didn’t see the point. Then he grabbed his bike and started his first cycling trip from Holland to the south of France.

There and then the first seed was planted. I never knew that more ideas were already forming in his head. Martin bought me my first touring bike and gradually got me motivated to do some bicycle trips with him. Now we are preparing for a 25.000km bike ride. An unconventional thought. A thought that makes me scared shitless and also gives me a tingling feeling in my tummy.

The mini bike rides have prepared me that I know what we are getting ourselves into. I know I can bike 80 to 100 kilometers a day. I know I can climb a mountain up to 2400 meters high. And due to my solo bike ride I now know that I want to do this. I do not want to live life in the safe zone and regret my choices and the things I didn’t do when looking back. It is time to step out of the comfort zone and get ready for the upcoming way of living.

Update 12-01-2015:

We have now cycled to China what a great journey it has been read about our journey on the blog