Time goes by so fast. It is about two years ago that we started dreaming of our big trip and tomorrow this journey starts. Since we last wrote on the blog we have been preparing and organising ourselves. We are confident that we are ready for this, although the last few weeks have been hard work, physically and emotionally, to get to this point. At the moment we are at Gayle (Susanne’s sister) and Maarten’s place in Oegstgeest where we have had the possibility to unwind, reflect and enjoy nice company and food. We would like to share our reflections on the previous period with you.

For me, Susanne, it has been two full-on weeks, from working full-time and preparing on the side to full-on preparations. I definitely overestimated time and some things that I wanted to do before departure have not been possible because of time. A lot of people feel that the step we are taking is a big step and I always think a little bit light about it, step-by-step, because otherwise it is too overwhelming. Having two weeks of full-on selling and getting rid of all the stuff that I have collected until now (sometimes with emotional value) was almost more then I could handle with occasional breakdowns. Now I feel light: no work, no house, not so much stuff and let’s discover the world, connect and feel alive! It is great to be able to do this together and to be encouraged by friends and family, although we won’t be seeing them for a while. The time is now and we are going to experience and enjoy!

For me, Martin, ‘Woow’ is the word that describes this moment, what a rush of emotions and practical solutions. Right now 12 hours to departure we are sitting together writing this to give you an insight of our thoughts and emotions. Before Christmas I finished my work and have since then been preparing myself mental and physically to the day of tomorrow. These 6 weeks went so fast, especially since Susanne finished her job, the time went at warp speed and all of a sudden we had 2 days before we would have to be out of our rental apartment, a rush of garbage bags and selling our stuff, we made it. Yesterday Dirk and Simone the people who are now the renters of the apartment came and filled up the apartment and we were there with our bikes and bags, then the apartment was not ours anymore. What a feeling leaving your home on your bikes knowing this is my life the next 18months at least. Right now I have the choices in my hand and no obligations to a job or monthly cost of an apartment, somehow it is called freedom well in our westen world we are quite free. Now there is just no obligations and expectations just the choices in my hand and together with Susanne I am ready to start the adventure!

We will take you along with us on our adventure and plan to share everything that we find interesting. Why not? True, tomorrow at 11 o’clock we will be riding Isaba and Mojo east. The journey has then really started and we expect that the rushed emotions will be replaced with a peace of mind.

We really appreciate you following us and sharing your stories or ideas with us, Happy Days!