We have shared our sights and happenings along the way. Do you ever wander about: what is happening with their thoughts as they move further and further away from “home”?

Ham, my good old biking guru and friend asked me the other day in an e-mail: how do you think about sunsets now? Also Ham asked how it was mentally going and how it really feels being on the road 24/7.

I wrote this to Ham:

“Time, days, kilometres on the road is the best of all time. The highs are unbelievable high and lows are deep shit.Sunsets in east and we are following the sun to the east which is a nice thought, at sunset we are usually settling down for the night so cooking and setting the tent, getting used to the sounds of that certain area. An hour or two before sunset our routine of finding a spot for the night starts: are we near people we ask where or if we can set up our tent in their garden, if no people then we look for a spot where people will not see us. This time of the day brings up the sense of being alone in the wild and you have to take care of your self as nobody is interested in your issues. This is healthy and it always works out, not always as we were thinking but we always sleep okay. The sun is the key to the daily routines we have on the road as we get up when it rises the light it brings makes the whole difference for us as we do not rely on the indoor lighting and life.

This whole idea and adventure is the key to my being I am sure, not that there is a certain goal or set point, more that I know that the way I have been living the last years is not the way I want to live the next coming years. So the whole thing is a big thing, a small thing, I don’t know man but I am sure it will teach me life and show me life. Living in western Europe and the safety it brings being born and raised, good education (almost free) makes some people forget the reality of life and what there is to fight for, this is my perception. Not saying that western societies are bad more saying people forget what is real. What is real I do not know will properly never know but I believe that being on the road caring for yourself, meeting people and relying on strangers will push me out of the securities of western society.

I feel every day that I appreciate smaller things, I worry less about what I am doing tomorrow as I do not know what tomorrow brings. Food is so important and I am happy with every bite of food I get. This food I have looked for in foreign villages, I have cooked it, this is amazing to feel this happy about food! Views are great and makes me sing 🙂 People which are happy to meet us brings warmth. Well I could go on and I know you know what is out there.

The lows are low really low crying in a hotel room because you felt so strong the day before and was ready to bike on and enjoy the next day, you are down with high fever and the body is weak as. This is hard to handle but that said I’m glad to have had these feelings as this is how it feels. Holy shit where did all this come from?? The road? I could go on but I am sure that in 3 months my view has changed even more?”

Ham replied me and said I should share it on our blog, so I thought why not just share the raw email. Do not know if you as a reader can feel the intensity of being out here and the emotions it brings, but a least this might give an insight.