Do you know the feeling that at some point future plans feel so far far away? And then, there is this kind of realization that actually it is not so far away in time anymore. Time is perceived to go faster and, before you know it, planted seeds have fully grown and ideas and dreams become reality.

This is our first blog post and with this post the realization of our future different life is one step closer. As you can read in our motivation on our About page, this trip is not only about the journey or the destination. To us it is about a way of life away from the everyday rat race and consumption growth. We want to live simple, learn, add value to the world and share our stories. We hope we can inspire you with our experiences, questions, answers and everything else we will come across in the upcoming few years.

Our departure is set for the 2nd of February 2014 and our trip will probably last for at least a year and a half.