Slovakia, a country we had never visited and a place worth a return, as we only got to see it from the edge of the Danube.

We cycled across the Danube river on the Mária Valéria Bridge which has been an important crossing point for centuries. Leaving the old capital of Hungary Esztergom behind, we felt European history evolving. Entering Slovakia was uneventful. We followed the Danube to Bratislava, a nice and easy ride.

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We had a nice sleep with the sun flowers. We then cycled along the Danube and the Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros Dam which caused a still unresolved international dispute between Slovakia and Hungary in the 70’s. From here we cycled into Bratislava. This cycle way is a part of the Euro Velo 6 we almost didn’t notice we were cycling into the capital of the country. It was great to cycle on a cycle path and wave at others along the way. Also this meant that the adventures off the beaten path would be less now.

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In Bratislava we decided to have a day of the bikes and enjoy the cultural city. We found a hostel where we could stay as most were fully booked. We also noticed that we are maybe not the common age or type of traveller for European hostels. Anyway we enjoyed ourselves and met a nice Vietnamese lady working as a journalist. Later we joined up for a traditional Slovakian dinner. The next morning we went on a free tour of Bratislava. Just to get a bit of insights to the history, this was nice and we enjoyed.

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We did enjoy our short stay in Bratislava and the free tour was well worth it. We had an important event in Vienna so we needed to cycle on…..