As we have done before we are reaching a section on our trip where we have to plan ahead with regards to our visa. In Vientiane we have extended our current Lao visa and applied for the Indian, Myanmar and Thai visa.

Lao Extension

We entered the Immigration office on Friday morning. We asked for an additional 12 days on top of our visa. We had to fill in an application form and provide one passport photo. We had to pay 5.000 kip each for the application form, 25.000 kip processing fee and 20.000 kip for every day extended. Three things differed from our expectations: 1. We had expected to pay with dollars but they asked kip. 2. The daily fee was not 2$ but 20.000 kip which converts to 2.5$. 3. The extension could not be picked up same day but we had to return on Monday.

Indian visa application

Exact location for Indian embassy is confusing because the old embassy is closed. The correct location is across from Wat Saphanthong Neua (see map). Visa applications are accepted between 9:00 and 11:00 on workdays. The following steps are important:

  • Online visa application: make sure digital photo works. Application without uploaded photo will be refused
  • Print out application form in colour and sign underneath photo and at the bottom on 2nd page
  • 2 passport photos 2”x2” or 5x5cm
  • Proof of flight booking or reservation
  • Proof of hotel booking 1 night in India
  • Copy of passport page in colour
  • Copy of Lao visa (and extension stamp)
  • Payment in USD, we paid 42 $ each

We booked our flight reservation on the corner of the roundabout at That Dam and made our copies and prints at a copy shop around the concern from there on Rue Phai Nam.

At the Indian embassy they informed us that it is no longer possible to apply for a sixth months visa. We were really wanting a six months multiple entry visa. We asked to speak with the Consular and she informed us that we needed to show proof of sufficient funds for our stay in India. We went back to print these and just made it before 11:00 to complete the application. Also it states online that the process will take 3 days, but the embassy holds a 5 day processing period. After a nervous 5 days we were granted a 6 month multiple entry visa!

Myanmar visa application

After having acquired some information at the embassy we decided not to apply for the Myanmar visa. The regulations have changed and we could only get a visa with 30 days validity. We need 3 months if we want to apply now because we will stay in Thailand longer. We were informed that we could apply in Bangkok or at the recently opened Consulate in Chiang Mai. 30 days validity means that you can enter the country on the 30th day and then have 28 days of travel in the country. We will apply in Chiang Mai.

Thai visa application

Keep in mind that visa applications are not at the Thai Embassy but at a different location on Rue Bourichane usually called the Consulate (see map). It was very busy when we applied for the visa so it helps to be early, you get a number and when you pick up the visa the pick-up is in the order of the numbers when applying. We applied for a 60 day one-entry visa.

  • Application form. You can print this before online: or just pick it up when you apply and fill it in there. It is a bit confusing if you need to pay for the form, but you do NOT need to pay.
  • 2 passport photos 4×3,5 cm (regular size)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Lao visa (and extension stamp)
  • Payment is only in Thai Baht next day with pick-up

We got our 60 day single entry visa the next day.

We hope this helps with acquiring your visa in Vientiane. If anything changes or if this article has been helpful, let us know in the comments!