India, Thai and Myanmar visa information Vientiane

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As we have done before we are reaching a section on our trip where we have to plan ahead with regards to our visa. In Vientiane we have extended our current Lao visa and applied for the Indian, Myanmar and Thai visa. Lao Extension We entered the Immigration office on Friday morning. We asked for an additional [...]

Three times a charm, our Chinese visa

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By now we have requested and received three Chinese visa. Because it has become increasingly complex over the last few years to obtain Chinese visa while on the road we thought it would be good to write a blogpost about this. Our first visa was a 30day visa which we obtained in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Our second visa [...]

Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia visa information

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In this section we will provide more details about applying for our Kazakh visa in Bishkek, our three month Mongolian visa in Almaty and Martin's Russian visa. Remember that this is about us and our passport from Denmark and The Netherlands. For our Chinese visa in Bishkek, Ulaanbaatar ánd Seoul we made a separate post. Visa for [...]

Iranian and Central Asian visa Information

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Below you will find information regarding the processes of applying for the Iranian and Central Asian visa on the road in Ankara and Tehran. We found the process of applying for visa fairly simple and we didn't encounter any problems during the applications. The only thing is to be well prepared regarding documents and they will always cost [...]

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