We have now used the MSR Hubba Hubba HP for more than 30000 km of cycling. This means it is time to give the ins and outs on our experiences with the tent, especially for the Cycle Touring Community. Please read on for our review of MSR Hubba Hubba HP. We bought the Hubba Hubba HP during our planning of the trip, it has been recommended in several occasions. See here why we chose the Hubba Hubba HP.

We are self supported and have bought all of our gear.

The Hubba Hubba HP has really done well, we have slept more than 450 nights in the tent without ever being worried. The tent has been used in all conditions from the desert to winter in Mongolia. Note this is a 3-seasons tent so please do not use this tent in the winter if you have not prepared yourself for this. It is not made for this purpose. We really enjoy that we can pitch the tent in multiple situations.

We did get a replacement after 18 months of touring as the zippers failed. MSR helped us out and replaced the tent, which we are grateful for!

MSR came out with a new model of the Hubba Hubba in end 2014 the Hubba Hubba NX, green rainfly.

Pitching options of MSR Hubba Hubba HP:

  • Full set up – In all weather conditions
  • Inner tent free standing  –  In hot weather conditions
  • Only flysheet for more room  – In the rainy mornings or evenings

Pitching and the size of the MSR Hubba Hubba HP really makes it perfect for wild camping and this is what we do mainly when camping. The colour is great, this forest green makes it hide very well in green conditions. The inner tent is white which makes it more visible so make sure to be well out of sight when only pitching inner tent (while wild camping).  The tent has been pitched in storms and it holds up okay as long as the wind is not straight on the entrance.

Our routine of pitching the MSR Hubba Hubba HP:

  1. Layout footprint and inner tent
  2. Peg the corners, do not tighten yet
  3. Place the poles and hook inner tent
  4. Pull over the flysheet – fix to the upper pole before corners
  5. Tighten the corners
  6. Place the 4 other pegs for entrance and strings

Seconds to pitch

Flysheet InnertentTent in snow

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Sleeping in tent
Sleeping tent
Food in tent

Sleeping and Space

We have never felt that we have too little space in the MSR Hubba Hubba HP. We have gotten used to this size by now. We always leave our panniers on the bicycles so we have enough room. The MSR Hubba Hubba HP sleeps two and no more, we have just enough room to take our handlebar bag in the tent and place it at the foot end. We place our clothes on the sides. In each end of the tent there are pockets, here we leave light items such as our head lamp. Our Neoair Thermarest All Season is a perfect fit in the tent. A benefit of this tent is that you can sit upright with no problem, which is more comfortable with bad weather and when undressing.

Packing and Weight

We have always carried the tent on the back in a rack pack and it fits very well.

  • Packed Size 6.5 x 19 in (16 x 48 cm)
  • Total Listed Weight: 4.25 lb (1.93 kg)

Company responsiveness

As we had some issues with the zippers of the inner tent, we then contacted MSR. It took a while to get back to us and as we are cycling we do not always have possibilities of the internet. It finally worked out when we were in South Korea and got the tent replaced. MSR is trustworthy and they do reply to issues. This is really an important aspect of the gear we carry as we have no others to turn to.