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Review: Garmin GPSmap 62st

By | 16th September, 2016|Categories: Gear Reviews|Tags: , , , |

Cycling with a GPS is becoming quite normal these days and we are no exception to this. That said a GPS should never replace your own capabilities of navigating and finding your way as this is one of the fun parts of cycle touring. We see the GPS as a tool or aid to our experience while [...]

Review: Primus Omnifuel stove

By | 29th November, 2015|Categories: Gear Reviews|Tags: , , , |

The Primus Omnifuel is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. This stove we have had for 6 years now and still going strong. Primus is a Swedish company that makes some good quality stoves and the Omnifuel is the most versatile of the Primus line. It has a sturdy build and not much to break. We have used the [...]

This is how and why we will write gear reviews!

By | 9th November, 2015|Categories: This is how by|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

This is how and why we will write gear reviews! "This is how… by". Reviewing our gear has never really been on our mind. Lately though after 21 months and more than 26000km on the road our gear is starting to prove its worth. So it has become clear what gear has worked really well and [...]